What Your Favorite Edible Says About You

Your favorite edible says more about you than you think…

How do you prefer to eat your cannabis? Are you a pot brownie or cookie person? Or maybe more of a cannabis drink fan? Perhaps you like marijuana pizza or cannabis chips. Or maybe you’re just an ice cream fan. This is what your favorite cannabis edible says about you.

How do you prefer to eat your cannabis? Are you a pot brownie or cookie person? Or maybe more of a cannabis drink fan? Perhaps you like marijuana pizza or cannabis chips. Or maybe you’re just an ice cream fan. This is what your favorite cannabis edible says about you.


What Are Cannabis Edibles?


First, let’s define edibles. We’ve already created a full guide on edibles with everything you’ve ever wanted to know, as well as a list of the main mistakes you can make when cooking them. But basically, edibles are any type of cannabis product that you ingest through your digestive system. Meaning, you eat or drink them. 

So what does it mean if you prefer marijuana brownies to pasta? Here’s what we believe your favorite edible says about you.



You’re sweet, if slightly predictable. You like things done a certain way… the classic way. And you know there’s no better combination than a chill evening with delicious, fudgy pot brownies. We understand – tradition is something to be cherished and upholded.



You have a youthful and playful personality. You like having fun with fruity, crazy, and unexpected flavors. Your favorite candy as a child was very probably gummy worms, which you probably pretended to eat like a predatory bird. And you also enjoy the feeling of a weird chewy substance in your mouth. We get it – we’ve been there too. And gummy worms were our favorite candy growing up, too.


Hard Candy

Your personality is a bit harder and more “square”. Hard candy lovers know what they want and are not kidding around. They’re in it for the flavor and a long-lasting candy experience. That is, of course, until they decide to chomp up that hard candy and get it over with. 



You have a sultry and indulgent personality. You may be vegan since you already know that chocolate is a superfood that can boost your mood while pumping up your antioxidants. And we believe that maybe – just maybe – you would prefer a brownie but can’t be bothered to undergo the process to bake and prepare it. Plus, brownies are made with chocolate. This makes it an obvious, fast, and delicious choice.



Your personality is very soft and caring. You’re like the Mom of the house. You’re always thinking of others, and love when your house smells like warm, baked cookies. You focus on enjoying the little things in life, which come in all sorts of flavors, including sugar, chocolate chip, peanut butter, cinnamon, and more.


Non-Alcoholic Drinks

You like to get down to business. Simplicity is your friend, you don’t want to spend any time cooking or preparing anything. This probably means that you are a very busy person, probably a business owner or a very hard-working employee. Tea, coffee, soda, or even water are your best friend to a relaxing evening with no extra fuss involved.




We mean a normal, salty, loaf of bread. If you are a bread fan, then you probably love sandwiches. We think you may have been a huge Scooby Doo fan (remember Shaggy’s sandwiches?). Because of this, you may be into mystery novels or thriller movies. You’re an investigator, probably of sandwiches.


Also, bread is portable and easy to take anywhere if you’re on the run. And it’s easy to include in any type of meal, which is important if you’re out investigating Scooby Doo style.



You are the king (or queen) of versatility. You are probably a very accomplished chef (or a very talented home cook), because you are aware of one thing: anything can be cooked with butter. And butter – especially cannabis butter – makes everything better. It warms the heart, feeds the soul, and gives you that amazing cannabis high.


Savory Foods

Another twist on the butter profile. Savory foods like cannabis pasta, cannabis mac & cheese, or cannabis soups are a few of the endless possibilities on the table. This probably means that you are a high-end foodie who won’t conform to a mediocre dinner. You are aware that food is an experience and it should be treated with respect.  


Wine & Beer

You. Are. FEARLESS. If you aren’t scared of mixing cannabis with alcohol, then you are not afraid of anything. You’re probably a daredevil that goes skydiving every weekend for fun or keeps a pet tiger. But seriously, you are not afraid of anything. We applaud and salute your brave, bold, courageous, daring soul. Cheers to you.



You are Italian – or wish you were. But we understand. Cheese and dough are a match made in heaven, which can only be made perfect with a final ingredient: marijuana. We also believe that you might be a gym junkie that wants to have a full-on cheat day, if you catch our drift…



You’re fun, outgoing, and have a crunchy personality. Also, you love to snack. Snacks are your best friend. If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, it would be a snack. This probably means that you’re pretty young or an inexperienced cook, you love salty and savory things that crunch in your mouth. You’re out and about a lot, and probably love camping and the outdoors. And what sounds better than a night out camping with friends and a bowl of cannabis chips? The answer is nothing. Nothing sounds better than that.


Ice Cream


Maybe you just broke up with someone. Maybe you’re a huge Legally Blonde fan. Or maybe you just really like ice cream. Either way, we get it. A Netflix marathon with a pint of your favorite flavored ice cream sounds like the perfect evening. And if it’s cannabis ice cream, even better.  


Whichever edible you prefer the most, one thing is for certain: they are all delicious, and they all help make the world a better place. Learn more about cannabis processing & edibles in one of our full courses or programs here!