The First-Ever Virtual CannaCon Expo Was Held

In the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more businesses have had to shift online. This was just the case with the renowned cannabis event company, CannaCon, which held its first official virtual event this year, aptly named Virtual CannaCon

CannaCon holds cannabis business expos all over the United States. But with the current public health crisis, their most recent event had to go digital. Mirroring the live convention with a “live expo floor”, featuring live representatives, Q&A sessions and networking rooms, this three-day event was the first of its kind.

The event brought together cannabis exhibitors and industry leaders to educate and assist cannabis entrepreneurs on a virtual platform. The main point behind the event was to assist all those interested in entering the cannabis industry.

It featured around 100 exhibitors, and functioned through graphics, videos, downloadable documentation, and live video conferences for attendees from all around the world!

Approximately 500 cannabis enthusiasts participated in the virtual expo.

And although the turnout was smaller than previous in-person events, it presented a unique opportunity: connecting vendors in the same place, from the comfort of their own homes!

The virtual trade show also hosted educational cannabis seminars led by 16 industry experts, which ranged from cultivation and extraction to legal and business issues. You can view all the seminars directly on CannaCon’s website

CannaCon stated in a recent article: “Though it’s hard to imagine an online cannabis show replacing the huge traveling expos loved by attendees and exhibitors alike, it was much needed while the industry adjusts to the “new normal” and looks for ways to get back to business.” They asked this question regarding cannabis: is the future virtual? And while it seems that may not be the case forever, the future does seem virtual for the near future when it comes to cannabis information, consumption, and delivery.

The main takeaway from this experience:access. The trade expo switched from a ticket-only, in-person only experience to an experience where anyone with WiFi could attend. This means that more people from all over the world had the chance to participate in the seminars and connect with vendors and industry experts. That’s a win for the new normal in our book.

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