Simple Tips for Making The Most Of Your Medical Cannabis Regimen

Cannabis is making a comeback as a medically recommended treatment for many diagnoses across America. As Ohioans begin their medical cannabis journey, here are a few simple tips on how to maximize the experience for optimal results.

1. Keep a journal.

Track EVERYTHING. Track how the cannabis you use tastes, smells, and looks, as well as how it affects you. What was the onset time? Did you have any adverse or beneficial effects? Did you require more or less medication with this strain or delivery method? You can refer back through your cannabis journal to reflect on your journey and find patterns in what types of strains work best for you.

If you find and old school pen and paper does not work best for you, consider keeping a vlog, a digital journal, or using a habit tracking app to keep notes along the way.

2. Boost your natural endocannabinoid system.

Your body responds best to cannabis when it is set up for success to do so. Making healthy lifestyle choices, especially in regards to sleep, diet, and exercise, can help you reap the most benefit from plant medicine. Choose whole and plant based foods to supplement the terpenes in your diet or do fat burning exercises to release stored cannabinoids.

Meditation will also help you stay in touch with your mind and body to better observe your feelings and experiences over time.

3. Do your own research.

Cannabis industry technology is evolving every day as more and more research is conducted worldwide. Stay informed by following cannabis news and stay open minded with your personal experimentations. Always check with your healthcare professional before making major changes to your cannabis regimen, but remember to serve as your own best advocate.

As a medical cannabis patient, you can see yourself as a student of the plant and remain ready to learn as much as you can about how your body interacts with medicinal cannabis.