Eco-Friendly Smoking With Biodegradable Cannabis Joint Tubes

The cannabis industry just got even greener. Biodegradable joint tubes just hit the market and are a good option for an eco-friendly and “greener” future in the cannabis world. 


Ever since cannabis was legalized, the industry has faced a challenge it never had to worry about before: sustainability. Hemp is already an eco-friendly option to many industries, including clothing, construction, and plastic. But what about its packaging? According to AZ Marijuana, “the cannabis industry is responsible for more than a billion units of plastic every year.” This means that a more sustainable approach is needed. 


And one has just arrived. Marijuana Packaging has just created biodegradable joint tubes that will keep you sorted while also lending a helping hand to the environment. Talk about a green future, both ways!


They’re biodegradable pre roll tubes, both child resistant and 100% biodegradable. And you can fit your style because they come in black, white, or clear coloring. They’re made with biopolymer and bio-blend resins – all natural, renewable sourced, and made from plant-based materials. 


This biodegradable packaging means one thing: the future is here, it’s eco-friendly, and greener than ever. Learn more about cannabis processing, hemp and horticulture with our certifications and programs. We’ll help deepen your understanding of the cannabis industry & its effect on a greener future. Get all the information about our courses, programs and certifications here!