Drink Your Cannabis: All About CBD Beverages

CBD is making a huge boom in the cannabis industry. Whether in oil, concentrate, edible, or vape form, the cannabinoid component is reaching more and more corners of innovative creation. The latest? CBD beverages. 

What Are CBD Beverages?

A CBD beverage is basically any drink that’s been infused with CBD. They’re made from cannabidiol, the main non-psychoactive ingredient found in the cannabis plant. The CBD ingredient is normally added in oil or concentrate form to the liquid formula of the particular drink.

Types of CBD Beverages

There are many types of CBD beverages. These may include:

  • Water
  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Soda
  • Alcoholic Beverages
    • Cocktails
    • Beer
    • Wine

As you can see, they range from water, cold brew coffee, sodas, and even alcoholic beverages! Since they don’t have THC in their ingredient lists, these drinks will give you the buzz you’re looking for without any psychoactive side effects. 

What Are The Most Popular CBD Beverages?

Here’s a list of the latest and most popular CBD infused drinks found in the market.

Cannabis Wine

This is a sweet and sugary red Spanish wine that features CBD hemp extract in its formula. It has a rich rouch of red and black fruits combined with the subtle scent of cannabis sativa. As if a glass of wine wasn’t relaxing enough, you can now up the ante with this CBD infused beverage. 


If you’re looking for a beverage that can buzz you up and calm you down, all while providing a refreshing take on a cup of coffee, then a cannabis infused cup o’ joe might be more to your liking. That way you can start the day like you mean it. 

Cannabis Tea

A relaxing drink on both ends. It’s herby, beneficial, and delicious to drink. Harney & Sons has a few CBD infused options that include flavors such as chamomile hibiscus, orange mango, green tea & honey, and turmeric ginger honey.

Cannabis Beer

Yes, there is such a thing as cannabis beer. The most popular kind at the moment is a non-alcoholic, typically low-calorie beer. It’s brewed with the marijuana plant and can help you enjoy a drink that relaxes you all the way.

Cannabis Sodas

And other carbonated drinks like sparkling water. Brands like Sprig focus on creating delicious, refreshing, CBD infused drinks that bring “happiness into the everyday lives of everyday people”. Their exotic flavors feature citrusy combinations, lemon tea, and even melon.

Cannabis Water

Think tonic water elixirs or instant CBD coconut water. Both carry the benefits of CBD and can help you stay both hydrated and relaxed.

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