CBD As Stress Treatment For Elephants

We all know CBD can help treat stress and depression on people. But what about using CBD for elephants?

The Warsaw Zoo, located in Poland, is prescribing a new medication to their elephants: CBD oil. After a member of the herd died, the three remaining African elephants at the zoo were given doses of cannabidiol as a measure to reduce their stress levels. 

Since CBD does not contain THC, the application would have no psychoactive effects – just like with humans. 

Zoo veteran Agnieszka Czujkowska explained that the eldest elephant of the herd, name Erna, died earlier this year. This event β€œleft Fredzia, a young elephant in the herd, with signs of grief and depression.” Since elephants may have behavioral problems when the group structure shifts or changes, the CBD oil application was part of a project to avoid stress-related fights. 

As a first stage, feces, urine and blood samples from the elephants have been collected. This is in order to measure their cortisol level (also referred to as the stress hormone).  Dr Czujkowska states that they β€œare planning to give them the CBD and measure the cortisol again. This is the experiment. Then we know for sure [the oil] is working or not.”

The CBD will be administered either mixed into their food or directly into the mouths of the elephants, while their overall health will be regularly checked through blood tests and observation. 

CBD studies have shown that it can help reduce stress levels for humans and even dogs. This next step, where huge African elephants are the test subjects, could yield amazing results in the worlds of CBD treatments and veterinary.

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