Cannabis Can Help Improve Senior Quality Life. Here’s How.

Can cannabis improve senior life quality? Let’s discuss.

Our senior citizens are the most valuable members of society. They carry upon their shoulders a lifetime of history, evolution, and tradition. However, they are also the ones that carry the most weight when it comes to health and wellbeing. In this article, we’re going to discuss the reasons why cannabis can help improve senior life quality. 

The Stigma Of A Generation

Cannabis has been portrayed for decades as a dangerous drug, mostly linked to the stereotypical stoners with a good-for-nothing-attitude. Even if it had a big surge in the 1960s, cannabis is still stigmatized as a gateway drug for heavier addictions (one of many myths now debunked). However, since it’s recent legalization, the cannabis industry has made a booming comeback. And this is great news for the senior community. 

Let’s discuss the main ways cannabis can help improve senior life quality.

It’s Safer (And Cheaper) Than Common Prescription Medicine

We’re all familiar with those weeklong pillboxes that are meant to help seniors know which medicines to take every day. But those medications are costly and dangerous. 

“Standard treatment for arthritis and osteoarthritis include physical therapy for the hands and knees, occupational therapy, medications like NSAIDs (ibuprofen, naproxen), acetaminophen, sometimes powerful medications for autoimmunity like methotrexate. Opioids are sometimes used for pain but can have deadly side effects such as addiction and fatal overdose. Surgery is rarely used but may sometimes be necessary. The pharmaceutical treatments all come with side effects. Ibuprofen can be hard on the stomach, methotrexate is cytotoxic. CBD oil has the upside of having few side effects. Normal dosing can be applied topically or ingested with only the side effect of possible cottonmouth and dry eyes.”

Kathrin Garner, professional editor, content strategist, and writer

Dr. Rachna Patel, a Medical Cannabis Expert, states that “having been a former ER doctor, I’ve seen countless elderly patients end up in the ER from accidental overdoses, with some of these meds being incredibly lethal. They’re on so many meds, it becomes impossible for them to keep track of them. Seniors’ lives are literally being saved with hemp and cannabis based products.” Thousands of people have died from something as simple as taking one too many ibuprofen. But to date, no one has died from a cannabis overdose. This makes cannabis the safest, obvious choice.

It Doesn’t Have To Get You High

“Without the high associated with marijuana, hemp derived CBD can offer relief from age-related discomfort such as aching joints or muscles and even mental focus. CBD has known antioxidant properties. […] Antioxidants have the ability to help reduce pain-causing inflammation, naturally and may prolong cognitive health.”

Bryanna Fissori, Receptra Naturals Content and Compliance Manager at Receptra Naturals

The good thing about cannabis nowadays is that you choose the effects you want. CBD is the non-psychoactive choice if you want to enjoy the effects of cannabis without getting high.

There’s A Strain For Every Purpose

“Even more precious for seniors is that cannabis is a neuro-exciter – it increases brain activity. Boredom, lack of interest and ennui are some of the risks no one talks about when it comes to our senior citizens, and many retirees and empty-nesters have trouble adjusting to a life so suddenly quiet. The responsible use of cannabis can help fill some of that newly acquired time and, for many, can help fill an empty day with creativity, tranquility and hopefully a couple laughs.”

Tony Robertson, Community Outreach Coordinator for The+Source

Want to get active? There’s a strain for that. Want to get a good night’s sleep? There’s a cannabis strain for that, too. Want to feel inspired and creative? You guessed it. There’s a cannabis strain for that.

It’s Available In All Sorts Of Presentations

A common misconception amongst senior citizens is that you can only smoke cannabis. That’s no longer true. CBD is now present in all sorts of presentations, including edibles, drinks, creams, serums, oils, tinctures, vapes, and more.

It Can Increase Appetite

Loss of appetite is a serious problem amongst the senior population. CBD consumption can help regulate this, keeping their bodies at an optimal, healthy weight.

It Aids With Sleep & Insomnia

“Pain, stress and sleep deprivation are all concerns that can limit quality of life for seniors. Every animal with vertebrae has an endocannabinoid system that serves the purpose of restoring and maintaining homeostasis (balance in the body). Cannabinoids such as CBD and small amount of THC and other plant compounds interact with endocannabinoid receptors to help the body feel its best, which means adequate rest, relaxation and relief.”

Bryanna Fissori, Receptra Naturals Content and Compliance Manager at Receptra Naturals

It Can Help Relieve Pain

“There are many ways the use of medical cannabis improves the quality of life in seniors. It helps seniors cope with physical pains, traumatic episodes, and daily life stress. […] Its use in arthritis and joint pain may be beneficial for some persons. It acts by its pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory mechanisms.”

Dr. Waqas Ahmad, Family Medicine Physician & Head of the Medical Advisory Board of Insurecast

Dr. Waqas Ahmad also clarifies that cannabis “can be used to relieve pain, muscle spasms, headaches, anxiety, nausea, vomiting, depression, cramps, panic attacks, diarrhea, and itching.”

It Simply Helps, All Around

“Hemp and marijuana based products have helped seniors in numerous ways, most commonly with pain and insomnia. For example, I’ve had patients with arthritis tell me that they’re finally able to carry their grandchildren for an extended period of time and regain their independence from something as little as being able to button their shirts again. But, more importantly, many of these seniors are able to either completely eliminate or significantly reduce the number and/or the dosages of the medications they’re on.”

Dr. Rachna Patel, Medical Cannabis Expert

Being able to play and carry grandchildren around? Reducing the amount of medication they’re on? Or even better, eliminating costly medications? All of the above sound like senior life quality, greatly improved.

“CBD advocate here and I can confidently say that senior life quality can be vastly improved with the correct use of cannabis. We don’t need to be mind-altered in any way, although this can be a positive experience for many, but pain relief through CBD use, anxiety management and just the ability to relax is something that many do struggle with and something that with the correct administration and dosage can be a positive impact on senior life.”

Andrew Taylor, Director, Net Lawman


“Change is a lifelong constant. The things that give us comfort, the people who surround us and the routines we create, can, and do, change. Seniors can tell us that simple things like a good night of sleep, a pain-free afternoon, or a good laugh are where we find happiness – and cannabis can help make these qualities more prevalent in life. No one is in a better position to use cannabis to its fullest potential than our senior citizens. Cannabis may help seniors relieve pain, stress, aches and lifelong injuries they may be struggling with. Plus, anyone who has earned the title of “senior citizen” deserves a little relaxation—that’s a personal opinion though.”

Tony Robertson, Community Outreach Coordinator for The+Source

There’s no doubt about it. Cannabis can help improve senior life quality in all sorts of ways, from improving creativity to helping alleviate chronic pain. The key is understanding which effects you want to take place in order to consume the correct strains. Tony Robertson, Community Outreach Coordinator for The+Source, states that, “I recommend talking to your local cannabis professionals and doctor before trying anything new. Some strains are better for pain than others, and some are better for being active, while others are good for taking in a movie on the couch.“

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